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We are located on the beachfront in London.  

It is only a 20 second walk to enter the surf and even less when you run!!!



6 x Double Rooms with Private Bathrooms, Air-Conditioning, Mosquito Nets, and a Fridge.

1 x Double Kiakia with Private Bathroom, Fan, Mosquito Nets, & Fridge.


Breakfast starts with cereal & toast, coffee, tea & juice, and bacon & eggs. Either lunch onsite, or take a packed lunch out to the surf spots. Dinner consists mostly of fresh seafood including tuna & wahoo. We also have chicken and pork, etc.


 "We are sure that we will have all an exhausted surfer could want for; great food, good people, a cold beer and a comfortable bed....." 



The Australian Dollar is the currency used. Banking facilities are limited on Christmas Island, but the ANZ do have an ATM.


We strongly recommend you change your money to $Australia before getting to Christmas Island.



Bring all your normal stuff, spare fins, some boardies, sunblock, first-aid kit etc.


You might also bring: -guitar or any musical instrument - fishing rod & gamefish lures - the latest surf report for Sunset Beach.

What to bring


We have onsite Wifi.

Also, there is an "Internet Cafe" (I use this term very loosely - see photo!) about 100 meters from us. They charge $5 /hour & have computers you can use.




There is no Malaria but apparently some Dengue Fever. Tap water is available for drinking but we recommend bottled water only. The island does have a hospital. We recommend you have Travel Health Insurance.



Surf Terminating Disasters. While the reefs aren't that sharp it is still coral. Cuts should be cleaned & cared for as per normal tropical wound proceedure. We suggest you bring a small first-aid kit for this. There are also millepedes & scorpions on the island. Both can deliver a surf terminating sting but are very rarely seen.



Big ones, very big ones. Big coconut & mud crabs (great eating!) are found all over the island. We strongly advise you don't mess with them, especially when alcohol is present. These should be approached only under strict adult supervision!!



Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is the largest coral atoll in the world and home to over six million seabirds. It measures about 22 miles wide by 44 miles long with most of the southern end being a bird sanctuary.


It has a population of approximately 5000 locals who are well fed, healthy, and always happy.


The island imports almost everything and earns some revenue from coconut products and a growing fishing tourism industry.

Island statistics


The island was used by the British for low yield atmospheric H bomb testing in the 50's. The detonations were high altitude "clean" explosions and were very successful. Any radioactive contamination went high up into the atmosphere and is now spread around the world. The island never received any radiation and is a safe place to live. We have in fact stood at 'ground zero' with proper geiger counters and checked for radiation ourselves. There was none to be found.


The local people are very healthy, have healthy babies, and live to a ripe old age. If we thought there was any contamination we would not live there, nor bring our young families up there. Coming from NZ we were justifiably very concerned about possible contamination and this was the most important item on our check-list. There was no compromise on this issue - it was either 100% clean, or no surf camp.

Bomb tests


WD from Australia - "Mauri Pete. Great food, fantastic people, beautiful water, very isolated, millions of palm trees........above 4 ft is when Kiribati comes into it's own, we did have a couple of days at 6 ft & several days of 6 ft plus IE: DJ's, NG's & PA's. No Guts is quite serious isn't it, but the left on the other side is fantastic. The left in between NG's & Paris Anchorage is quite hollow & fast & I have some fantastic photos of it. Paris Anchorage (left & right) ended up being our favourite waves on the Paris stretch. Tess & Bernie are fantastic cooks, quite surprising at their prowess & their mixing it up, & that I had 8 servings of lobster whislt being there 2 weeks, sweetlip & mahe mahe as well. Tess makes a great spag bol & even the shepherds pie, who would have thought!!! Oh her fish & chicken curries are the bomb! with pasta or rice yeah yeah!! and a sh*t load of vegies all the time. The last half of the second week she even served up ice cream and then one surprise was cheesecake, couldn't believe my eyes!..."


"I was on the trip to Kiritimati recent some mates. We had a great time, thanks v much" - L


"We had just jumped in, paddled over to PA's & it was about 3-4 ft & quite consistent, hadn't been in the water for more than 10 minutes when they came marching in. There had to be at least 10 of the monsters. First ones were about 6 to 7 ft bending right across the bay from left to right. I caught the 2nd one around 8 ft & Jeff the next, they were insane & very makeable right across the bay! The first section just threw out so hollow I ducked under the lip & raced into the middle section where it just stood up like a whole nother wave & it went all the way into the bay........this time we were ready for them & got into position a little earlier expecting the same & with out fail DJ's delivered these beautiful waves at around 6 ft plus..." - WD


Captain K from Hawaii - "We give this trip a 300% success!!"


Team Rider & Test-Pilot Cole Whitney from Hawaii on Kiteboarding at Christmas Island "It's sick!!"



"The surf was good - we got a few days of 3-6 ft as you predicted, probably the best of it at Rao's (or is it Ralph's?) and greedies. We also got a couple of bonus days out front which was fun when it was a little more out of the north and stayed open. 

Great fishing too - really enjoyed the yellowfin and GTs"


"Aloha Peter!

We had a great time- The waves dropped our week- one day was over head and the rest the week was shoulder to head hi with an afternoon dropping to under waist hi... 

We surfed everyday regardless of the small size and the water was beautiful and warm. Loved eating raw fish on the boat each day" - GD

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